Sunday, July 12, 2009

Andrew's Jungle

Here are some pics of the nursery. We've been so blessed to already receive such wonderful gifts from so many! I still have some work to do, but I have to give credit to my mom for carrying the 8ft ficus tree into the nursery last week!

THE belly

If I had a quarter every time I got an open mouth, wide eyes and a shocked sounding "really?!?" every time I told people how far I have to go I could put Andrew through college with it! Apparently my belly is so large its infringing on other's personal space. I just tell them they better watch what they're saying or I'll poke em in the eye with my belly button!

Jenny, the belly and I at Alycia and Bryan's Wedding (~ 18 weeks along)

About 21 weeks on our way to Abigail's art show
Dad, Paigey and I at our baby shower at the Parkers (~ 30 weeks)

The belly in the nursery before cooking out at the Crenshaws for July 4th (~32 weeks)


After months of overwhelming, down-right, nagging from Sara Lindsey to get blogging, I've finally done it! Although my blog won't possibly be as entertaining as hers, I know that the new addition to our family will keep several fans satisfied. I've attached some key photos from the past 7 months. As you can see, Andrew Philip is already growing up too fast! Below are his ultrasounds at 6, 12 and 18 weeks. Can't wait to see him in living color!

Pregnant and loving it,